Saturday, July 30, 2016

My Anti-Age 4 Steps PM Skincare Routine PRAI Beauty

Hi lovely's! I often get questions about my skincare routine. I change my skin care routine depending on the season and my skin's special needs as I age.  In summer my skin tends to be much more oily and during the winter time it tends to be very dry and sensitive. If you care about your skin care routine or maybe you are looking to try some new products, please keep reading! The products I'm including in today's post are the ones I use in PM time since they are made with concentrated ingredients that help me with wrinkles, dark spots, scars, and dark circles. Also, keep in mind to always read the expiration dates of the products that you are using and that is also another reason how I rotate or try new skin care products. Make sure to follow the proper instructions that come with them as well.


After using my regular cleanser (Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser) I proceed to follow my skin routine by applying the products below in this order ( I also did my own research about some of the active ingredients in these products):

STEP 2) 

This is known for being sleeping beauty for your skin. Some of the active ingredients in this highly concentrated serum are Chronocyclin that helps reduce the appearance of age while optimizing skin's natural recovery cycle at night, white truffle extract that is full of animo acids and nutrients that fully hydrates and plumps the skin, and dry champagne extract contains resveratrol rich in antioxidants that gives a more even skin tone and helps reduce inflamation and redness. I can see a huge improvement on my skin after using this serum every night for 6 weeks, my skin looks more healthy and plump with less wrinkles and it helped me improve the appearance of some dark acne scars I had on my forehead and cheeks. It has the same smooth consistency as a serum, not sticky, absorbs quickly, and it has a slight rose scent that fades after seconds. I use one pump for my face and another one for my neck. As a personal preference I don't apply a face cream because this serum gives me all the moisture my skin needs.

STEP 3) 

Some beauty professionals don't think that we need separate products for the eye area but I disagree because in my own personal case, my under eye area is the most dry part on my entire face and I know for sure that I need extra moisture there. Before I was introduced to this eye concentrate, I had to moisturizer my under eye area several times a day but when I'm using this concentrate I just have to do it 2 times (In the morning with this eye serum concentrate and at night time with the 24 K gold Oil listed below). When I apply this just after I wake up my eyes don't look as puffy as before and my dark circles look less noticeable. I will say it is due to some of the ingredients in it like SYN EYE that is a special peptide that improves fine lines and smoothes the delicate skin eye area, CAFFEINE that is a natural anti-irritant that aids in clearing up dark circles, and PRAI OIL that deeply moisturizes the skin for a long time. The texture is difficult to explain because while it is liquidy and lightweight it adds a fresh and hydrating sensation to that area. It is unscented and it comes in a glass jar with a drop applicator.

STEP 4) 

I dab a small drop of this oil under my eye area every night since it is my most problematic and dry area. Also when I have some crazy skin days and I have very dry skin on my neck area or my hands I use these Oils which super moisturize. I would highly recommend it if you have super dry skin because while it is very rich it absorbs quickly into the skin and is also lightweight so it doesn't leave that greasy sensation that others do. I also add one drop of this oil to my foundation when I want to sheer out the formula and have a more natural/flawless finish plus I get the skin care benefits in it. 24k gold which, as we know, helps skin maintain it's healthy collagen and as a final result helps us look visibly younger and more radiant.

PRAI BEAUTY products are CRUELTY FREE and a portion of their sales goes towards "Beauty with a Cause", an organization that helps animals.

Champagne Skin Renewal Concentrate 1.7 oz
PUE PRAI Eye Concentrate 0.5 oz
24 K GOLD Precious Oil Drops 1oz

What PRAI BEAUTY product are you most excited to try out? Thank you so much for reading ^_^

I received these products for a review purpose. Regardless, I only recommend and write about products I use personally, work for me, and that I believe will be good for my readers. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

.......... Profusion Cosmetics New Products .........

Hello everyone! Today's post is all about Profusion Cosmetics new releases. As you guys know profusion is one of my favorite brands because they show that sometimes you don't need to spend  a ton of money to have great quality makeup products. Below are my top pics from their new products and also a final look using all of them. I hope you enjoy!


First of all, the package of this palette is so eye catching, very feminine, and elegant looking. This is a perfect palette for everyone since it has everything you need to archive any eye/lip/face look and includes shadows to make everyone happy. Very playful and beautiful shades from neutral mattes to fun shimmers. The shadows are well pigmented, soft, and easy to blend with very little fall out. As with any eyeshadow to get full intensity, you can foil them or use eye primer. The blushes, bronzer and face powder are all matte. You need to be careful when applying the blushes because they are highly pigmented. It is better if you build the color little by little. The lip glosses are pigmented as well especially the darker shades. This will be a palette I will bring with me to travel because I can almost do my entire makeup with this set.  My final thoughts are that they nailed it with this palette.

This palette includes:

* 35 Eyeshadows
* 10 Lips Glosses 
* 2 Face Powders.
* 2 Blushes 
* 1 Eye Liner
* Eye/Lip Brush.

Swatches of my favorite Eyeshadow Colors Including Mattes and Shimmer.

Blushes, Bronzer, and Powder

My favorite Lip Glosses. You can see how beautifully pigmented they are.


My brows are naturally thick but I have some empty spaces to fill in and some others where I need to even out the thickness of my brows. I'm totally ecstatic about the endless possibilities I have with this palette. The powders in this palette are very high quality and the colors blend perfectly. Also the tools are very well made and will last you longer. Each pan consists of a light and dark shade for perfect color matching . I totally recommend this palette if you are a makeup artist or you like to change your hair color alot. The palette suits every hair color! You will not have to seek out another brow palette again since it includes everything you need to make your brows look beautifully natural.

This kit comes with:

* 8 Shades of Eyebrow powders
* 2 Eyebrow highlighters
* Eyebrow Wax 
* tweezers
* Double end brush
* Spoolie brush
* Double end Duo Brow Pencil (One end is for brunettes and the other one is for blondes)
* Clear Brow gel
* Eyebrow Stencil 5 Pieces stencil Kit 
* Big Mirror

Swatches of some of the shades that you can create with this kit.


As the name says, this is a cream set that includes one highlight stick (soft light shade with yellow undertones), one contour ( Cool toned), and one bronzer (warm toned) stick and if that is not enough for the $9.99 price they added a blender sponge. The consistency of these sticks are very creamy, lightweight and super easy to blend without looking patchy. They also give you enough time to work with and get a very natural look as you blend them since they have a sheer formula that can be built to a medium one. They have a slight satin finish that will give your skin a more healthy look. I found it easy to apply with the blender sponge included in this kit. The sponge is super soft and it does a great job blending my foundation as well. I like how they include in the package a brief description and illustrations on how to use every product and where to apply them. The shades included in this kit will work better for light to medium skin tones. I just wish they sold the sponge in this kit individually because I would totally buy more.


This cream concealer palette includes 4 different shades. The texture of these cream correcting colors goes on very smoothly, are easy to blend, and the coverage is buildable without looking cakey. I like how you can customize the shade you want since you can mix the colors to create your desired color. This palette is perfect to cover any imperfection you want to hide (dark circles, dark spots, redness). I love using the salmon shade for my under eye circles and it works wonders. After applying the salmon shade I apply a peach undertone concealer on top. Since it is summer I recommend you to use a setting powder for long lasting results. The package is slim and very travel friendly, perfect for a quick retouch wherever you go.


All their products are CRUELTY FREE!


What PROFUSION COSMETICS product are you more excited to try out? Thank you so much for reading ^_^

I received these products for a review purpose. Regardless, I only recommend and write about products I use personally, work for me, and that I believe will be good for my readers.