Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Makeup Kit Essentials Drugstore Affordable Version

You guys were asking me what are my makeup kit essentials? So today's post is about what I believe are the essentials you should have, just the basics. Therefore, if you are starting a makeup collection, this is what you absolutely need to have in it. This post is also for you makeup lovers that just started into makeup (ages 17+). The products I have here are drugstore or budget friendly. I am planning on doing one high end as well. I am going to start in the order I personally do my face makeup.

1) Primer

You start the layers of makeup with the primer. If you don't take the time to prime your face anything that you put on your face is not going to last. You just need to make sure to find the right primer for your skin needs (Fine lines, large pores, extend the longevity of your makeup, dry skin, oily skin).

These are the two that I really like from the drugstore:

The Loreal is more to smooth the texture of your skin and fill in fine lines (It has a thicker consistency) and the Covergirl is for fine lines and also large pores (light texture and consistency).

2) Foundation

Depending on the need of your skin (dry, oily, or combination), Foundation will really help to even your skin tones and imperfections. When looking for a foundation you need to think first what type of coverage and texture you like. If you are just starting into makeup I recommend you to try first a BB cream since I find it easier to work with and also, if it is a good one, you can build the coverage.

One of my favorite affordable BB creams is the one from Kleancolor. It has a medium coverage and it is very easy to blend. I bought mine on Ebay for only $7.


3) Concealer

For me this is the step that makes a huge difference on my face because I highlight the areas of my face that I want to stand out. Also, I cover the ones I don't love that much, like my very dark panda circles, lol. Concealer makes me look super awake, healthy, and like I had 8 extra hours of sleep. If I had to choose between concealer and foundation, I prefer the concealer. My favorite ones from the drugstore are:

L.A. Girl Cosmetics PRO.Conceal in Classic Ivory and Maybelline New York Master Conceal in Light Medium. These two are full coverage and have yellow and orange undertones to conceal the blue of my dark circles. They blend perfectly natural in my skin but they cover everything that I need to hide. ;)

4) Setting Powder

This is a must do when you are wearing foundation or concealer because you want to set these products on your skin so they do not look cakey throughout the day. Most of the time I use a loose powder because I think the final result is much more natural.

My favorites are Maybelline Fit me pressed powder and Ben Nye Neutral Set loose powder.

5) Blush

These will give your face that healthy young look that we all want and also adds dimension to your face. Just make sure you blend it very well and look for what tones work better with your skin color, if you have cool tones or warm tones. There are lots of neutral blushes that can work for both undertones.

My favorites from the drugstore are in this Profusion Absolute Face Palette 2. I like all of the shades it includes because they are super easy to blend, and I also can combine different shades and create my own tone.


6) Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

If you are just getting in to makeup it is very important to use eyeshadows that are very easy to blend and are matte or have just a little bit of shine to them. This is because if you go straight to the shimmery or glittery ones, you can end up looking like a disco ball. A neutral palette is a must have because you can start practicing little by little until you get better. Plus it is going to be something you can get a very natural look from and use everyday.

The ones I listed below are my favorite palettes from the drugstore because the colors are easy to blend. They include beautiful and neutral everyday shades and they deliver a good pigmentation.


7) Mascara

If I have to choose just 5 products this will be in my top 3. Mascara makes a huge difference on your face and overall makeup. Mascara will make your eyes pop, adding volume and length to your lashes. This is another trick that will make you look more awake.

My favorite ones are the Almay one Coat Dial Up and the Loreal Telescopic mascaras. Both are waterproof, they add great volume, and hold the curl of my lashes all day long.

8) Lipstick

For a makeup essential kit you should have at least 3 different lipsticks (1 Neutral, 1 bright, and 1 deep shade). I believe if you have a good lipstick, you don't need a lip liner. It would be more of an optional purchase for me. Lipstick gives you that final touch and puts all of your makeup look together.


My favorite stick lipsticks are the Milani Color Statement, Revlon ColorStay, and the L.A. Colors Moisture ones because all of these have a very creamy texture and intense pigmentation.

My favorite liquid lipsticks are the profusion Feline, Rimmel ShowOff Lip Lacquer, and the L.A. Girl Glazed Lips paint. All of these are incredibly pigmented, glide on easily, and they do not overdry my lips.

If you have any questions, review requests, please leave it in the comment section down below. Thank you so much for reading and I hope this post is helpful for you ^_^

I bought these products with my own money.


  1. So many great products on this list!! I've actually never tried any of these so I'll have to pick some of them up this weekend to try them out. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. I love that these are affordable. Sometimes makeup REALLY adds up!

  3. Oh gosh, I struggle greatly with allergies so I am so scared to try drugstore makeup. But lip colors are generally okay. I love the packaging of Feline and L.A Girl. Might have to try those out.

  4. Thanks for sharing these options. I'm always on the lookout for affordable quality!

  5. These all look amazing. I love going to the drugstore and finding good deals.

  6. These are great picks. I have to keep an eye out for these. My daughter might like them too.

  7. We have almost identical makeup kit. These are really essentials that we must not go without.

  8. I am going to have to try those mascaras. I have been really unhappy with the last few drugstore brands I've bought, so I'll be sure to try these to see how much I like them.

  9. I love those eyeshadow palettes. I am a big fan of the "no-make up make up look." Natural and earth tones are my favorites. I will have to check out the other products you mentioned in this post. They all look so awesome!

  10. I am a makeup junkie it's so fun to test out and try new products that are coming out. I love mascara and eyeliner I couldn't go out in public with out my eye brows done up because I have light fair pale blond eye brows and lashes so I'm all about eye makeup and I love the Naked eyeshadows I actually need to go out and get some eye shadow as I am currently all out.

  11. This is great. I can't afford high end makeup so it's awesome to know that there's alternative that are just as good that are affordable!

  12. Great post. I just started wearing makeup recently - like I was just content relying on my natural good looks before 😀
    I am learning, slowly, but I still don't use primer. But I think you've convinced me to get some for my kit.
    Great post. Following you now.