Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski

About Touchstone Crystal

Add sparkle to your life with Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski! Swarovski's direct selling division. Touchstone Crystal delivers sparkle right to your doorstep with its gorgeous jewelry and social shopping experience. Swarovski's rich heritage of craftmanship, creativity and innovation ensures that the cut and finish of every crystal is second to none. Our jewels are exclusively made with swarovski crystals and zirconia, designed using unique swarovski innovation, cut and trend colors.

My Personal Experience

Some of my favorite passions are makeup and jewels, I totally can define myself as a fashion, beauty addict lol. I can never have enough of any of them.  I'm always looking for fun, unique, and beautiful pieces that I can identify with or reflect a little bit of my personality, and with Touchstone Crystal I can find those statement pieces that look unique, elegant and delicate. I'm amazed with the quality of all their pieces and the very elaborate details on each one of them. I feel like a million dollar girl without spending lots of money on just one piece of jewelry. Touchstone crystal jewels are made with real Swarovski crystals, excellent quality materials but their prices are affordable so everyone can have one of these masterpieces full of beauty.

Angelique Collar Necklace and Bracelet

These elegant pieces are made with Crystals set in oxidized Silver Plating. I have worn this necklace and bracelet so many times because I truly love them. I feel so elegant and sophisticated when I am wearing them. I enjoy jewels with lots of sparkle and details and these pieces definitely have that and much more. The crystals are big and noticeable, they are the perfect combination. I wear them as a pair or as an individual piece to complement my look. 

These are light and very comfortable jewel pieces. I love the plating, crystal design, and the meticulous details like the crystals on the back of both the necklace and bracelet, so unique and girly.

Countess Ring

This ring is made with Swarovski Zirconia square princess, pure brilliance cut stones set in solid sterling silver, 3.85 total carats. The photos speak for themself. I remember the first time I wore this precious elegant ring, the first thing my best friend asked me was if they were real diamonds. This ring has an incredible shine to it, such a beautiful piece. This will be a perfect engagement ring or a wonderful gift for yourself or any special lady in your life.

What Touchstone crystal jewel is your favorite one? Thank you so much for reading ^_^

I received these products for a review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thought and opinions sincerely.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mirabella Beauty Products

Swirling Pearl Brillant Mineral Highlighter

This is a mineral based highlighter with prismatech shimmer revitalizes skin with subtle sheen. Luxurious pearls and soft texture provides an etheral glow with a polish finish. This beautiful Highlighter, like the name says, has beautiful swirling colors with pearl, pink and gold tones to it. It blended out so well and my skin is absolutely glowing. The texture is powdery/creamy and pigmented beyond belief. I barely tap my brush into the pan and I get enough product for both cheeks. I really like it because it gives me the natural glow that I want without being sticky, heavy, or glittery. I wear this on top of the bridge of my nose, cheek bones, inter corner of my eyes and on my cupid's bow. It lasts all day and makes me look fresh and well rested.

It comes in a beautiful and well made Gold and translucent package and it looks very luxurious.


All Mirabella beauty products are Gluten Free and Paraben free.

Velvet Lip Pencils in Sweet and Rose

The creamy texture and smooth finish provide just enough shine without leaving a wet/glossy look plus it never dries out my lips which is usually a problem for me. It is a very moisturizing and hydrating formula. They come in a twist up container making it very easy to use, the colors are very intense and very pigmented, and they last almost all day. I reapply them once or twice a day depending on how many times I drink or eat throughout the day. They have a light/pleasant sweet scent. These lip pencils come in 6 different shades, between nudes, bright, and dark tones.

Sweet is a beautiful pink color with coral undertones that screams spring, this is a shade I will wear everyday.


On the lips

Rose is a vibrant hot pink color that is blue based making you look radiant and glowing.


On the lips

Simply Remove

This eye makeup remover is perfect for the sensitive and gentle eye area. I wear waterproof mascara on a regular basis, and this takes off every last bit of it without scrubbing. It completely works to take off the eye makeup (even eyeliner) and has never given me an allergic reaction. Some makeup removers can be harsh on the skin, but this one isn't at all. This is a double action product that contains antioxidant and natural ingredients that also help improve the appearance of your skin eye area. Not greasy, it washes off easily, and doesn't leave residue. My skin feels soft and nourished after each use. Very little required to do the trick. It comes with a pump dispenser, I like it because I can control how much product I use. One pump is more than enough for each eye.

 This makeup remover is alcohol free, oil free and paraben free.

Get these products HERE:

What Mirabella products are you more excited to try out? Thank you so much for reading ^_^ 

I received these products for a review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and opinions sincerely.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

JORD Wood Watches Review

About JORD Company

Watches are more than just timekeepers; Watches are statement pieces, watches speak to the style and personality of the wearer. JORD whaches tell more than time. These watches are made of a variety of natural and and sustainably sourced wood from across the globe. Our collection made contain one of multiple types of wood in line with the design and function of each watch. Some of our current series of watches feature bamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood, cherry, zebrawood, and koa.

Sidney Series Maple & Gold Rose

These watches are made with master quality, look, and feel. The photos just don't justify how beautiful these watches look in real life/time. Even though they are made of wood, they are not heavy at all, and are very comfortable to wear. I feel so special and elegant every time I wear mine. I am obsessed with the beautiful design and the versatility of it! I received so many compliments from my family and friends every time I wear it. This luxurious gold rose watch has Swarovski Crystal in it. What girl doesn't love a little bit of bling bling? The crystals are placed and fitted very well. I don't see how any of them will fall out. This watch has a medium size to it. You can see very clearly the time and the crystals. To complete your look sometimes you just need that piece that makes a statement and this is for sure one of those.

Going out with the girls and my Sidney watch matches perfectly with my favorite Gold/rose items for tonight.

Delmar Series Blue Man's

My husband works in an office and this watch gives him the best of both worlds, casual for everyday wear and an elegant look for his work. This watch is lightweight as well and has a big size. I love how this master piece looks on him, It makes him look more handsome lol... The different tones of blue definitely stands out above all the rest. I have never seen a man's watch like this one before. He has enjoyed this watch so much, he has being wearing it everyday since we received it and he rarely takes it off. This watch is saturated with carbon fiber colors and muted wood tones to add contrast. It is definitely a one of a kind piece and very manly!

These watches are made of different types of wood which makes each one of them unique as you. I think they will be a perfect present for yourself or a loved one. I am planning on buying one for my mom as a mother's day gift. I am sure she is going to love it as much as I do!

Buy these watches NOW here:

Let me know what JORD Watch is your favorite? Thank you so much for reading ^_^. 

I received these products for a review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and opinions sincerely.