Monday, September 16, 2013


Professional H&R Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron has all the newest technology that will help you straighten, curl or flip your hair with ease. With the latest Tourmaline and Ceramic Technology this flat iron guarantee smooth and shiny results that will last. This flat iron features a suspended plate technology that prevent pulling of your hair, meaning comfortable and painless styling. I was surprised how much of a difference the ceramic element of this flat iron makes when used on normal to thick hair. I've always been a bit hesitant to use flat irons because it is very easy to singe or burn your hair. This iron gets very, very hot very quickly so you still must take care when using it. However, the ceramic beds are super smooth so there's nothing to snag or hold your hair when you're using it. The result is super shiny and smooth hair that doesn't have those crimp marks that are all too easy to burn into your hair. The 1" iron isn't really very large and it tucks away for storage very easily. Recommended!


*Size: 1 Inch
*Weight: 1 Lbs
*1" (90x24 mm) tourmaline ceramic plate.
*Temperature adjustable from 140-410 f
*Super fast ceramic heating elements ensures a rapid heat up to maximum temperature in seconds
*Flashing indicator instruct you it is ready for using
*Professional 3 meter 360 swivel cord never tangle
*Far infrared rays to heat more gently
*Slim and ergonomic design for easy use
*On/Off button
*AC 110v 60 Hz for use in USA/Canada


Price $95.95


I like this product because it protects my hair from heat damage. It adds shine and makes my  hair tangle less and feel silky to the touch. I like the Thermal Shine spray better than the serums because I can spray each section of your hair, ensuring the product covers all hair strands without overdoing it. The only thing is it does have a strong cologne smell to it but it does go away after the heat is applied. I find that this works better for me when I wait a moment after spraying this product on my hair to give it a moment to dry and before applying heat (flat iron) to my hair. It also helps keep frizz at bay. 

Price $13.99


I received this at the same time I received the flat iron and I'm so happy I did. It keeps it safe from anyone getting hurt while it is cooling down (or heating up) and it also keeps me from burning my counter (which happened with my old flat iron). It saves space too. The suction cups have firmly stayed in place since I placed the holder up over a month ago, and they don't appear to want to move around. Great fix!

Price $14.99

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  1. You have such beautiful hair. =) This looks like a great flat iron, I will have to check this out. Thanks for the wonderful review. xoxo

  2. I have the same flat iron and's really amazing. I love it...I use it everyday and it also makes good curls as well.

    1. I know! Thank you so much for your comment hun ^_^