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I love this product! I use this everyday because it truly is the most convenient way for medium to full coverage. I am not a morning person and do not wake up early enough to allow myself time to finish my make up before leaving home. With this I can moisturize/sun protect before leaving the house and apply this during my train commute! Trying to do that with liquid or loose mineral foundations would be extremely messy. And because it is a foundation and powder in one, it eliminates the need to set your liquid or cream foundation with a powder. This can be applied wet or dry, with both ways l always get a great result and coverage. Besides the convenience, I love the way this makes my skin look flawless. It is very buildable so you can get anywhere from sheer-medium, medium to full coverage. And it does not look cakey or over-made-up when you go full coverage! And it's great for all skin types. The design is just so beautiful, very detailed and super girlie and the size is just perfect to take with me inside my purse. This came in 5 different shades.

Price $42.00 or Refill Only $15.00


My lips were peeling bad and nothing I put on was helping because the products were either too greasy and couldn't penetrate my lips, or they wouldn't stay on long enough to do the job. After just two applications of this lip balm, my lips are completely healed and feel wonderful! I like almost everything about this lip balm because it's immediately absorbed into the lip-skin layer upon application, rather than simply "sitting" on the epidermis and it's quite a large pot (13g as opposed to the usual 4-5g stick). This is definitely a new essential. The scent is very light and reminds me of cupcakes, not at all overpowering. Plus, it has a gorgeous red color that will show up on the lips. The texture is wonderful. It's super creamy and moisturizing. It lasts quite long if you put a nice coat on, and does not migrate to the edges as other lip balms and glosses can do. It is not at all sticky either. It has a nice sheen, not greasy. This came in 4 different shades.

Price $18.00


This is a cheek and lip stain cream. I wanted something that was very "natural" looking and I like that it has a dual purpose. It gives your checks that "R
eally cute pink flush" kind of look! It is absolutely beautiful. I use it as cheek and lip color. It is very subtle and natural looking. It is a beautiful pink/rose color. It is also very moisturizing and not drying at all. it does have a very staying power. I was very impressed, I was worried it wouldn't last long throughout the day or make me breakout but it lasted 6 hours and didn't make me breakout at all. It's a great way to give yourself a little glow throughout the day without having to reapply a bunch of makeup. It is a creamy/matte color but gives a dewy, healthy finish (it is not cream to powder, it is a cream) It blends like a dream. My likes include the fact that it very easy to blend and a little goes a very long way. The packaging is truly beautiful like all the Besame cosmetics products. 

Price $ 22.00


I can see myself reaching for these products DAILY. They are so gorgeous and high quality! I would highly recommend these products.

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  1. Great package and seem so interesting doll!


  2. I would absolutely LOVE to try the signature compact powder,your skin looks perfect doll ;)

  3. Such beautiful packaging!!!!! and that cherry lip balm makes my mouth water....

    1. I know, they have beautiful and high quality products. Thank you so much for your comment :D

  4. You're beautiful as always...I really love how those products look.

  5. Cute packaging! And you look lovely in that last photo, really!

  6. Great review! These products look amazing. I will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing. =)

  7. Thank to you Dear! Have a great day ^_^