Thursday, August 22, 2013


We can slim down the appearance of our faces thanks to the help of smart facial shaping techniques achieved through makeup. Today I will be sharing some quick simple methods to sculpting the face.

To make your nose appear longer and more even, apply contour down the side of your nose.  It might be best to use an eyeshadow brush for this. Then apply highlight along the top of your nose. If you have a long nose, applying contour just under the tip can make it appear shorter. Stay concise with your applications.

Whether you want to make your face look slimmer or you want to play up already defined cheekbones, contouring is a great technique to bring out your bone structure. Here is a fresh way to enhance your cheekbones.

1) Use a small tapered blush brush to sweep a mauve or tawny blush from the apple of your cheeks up toward your hairline.
2) To make the hollows of your cheek look deeper, sweep a sheer bronzer directly under the blush. You can also make a "fish face" and place the bronzer in the center of the are that is sucked in.
3) Dust a shimmery nude highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones.
4) Blend, blend and blend! use a clean blush brush to blend the outer edges of all the makeup so that the effect gradually fades away.

For a small, thin chin, apply highlighter to the center of the chin, directly under the center of the lip. To minimize a double chin, apply bronzer along the jaw line and blend it down, towards your neck. This creates depth and helps to strengthen the jaw line. You should always apply contouring color on neck to your shirt line to avoid a "mask" look.

You can add a little highlight on the center of the forehead so it looks less flat. It also helps to make the face look slimmer. Using a fluffy brush, blend out your contoured and highlighted areas in circular buffing motions. Afterwards, set with a little translucent powder and you are set to go.

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  1. thanks for this post! It could really help!

    1. You're welcome, thanks for stop by my blog ^_^

  2. I never contour my face, but I can definitely see how it can change a person's face.

  3. That is a lot of great information! I didn't realize all of those tricks. Thanks for sharing. =)