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These are a eco-friendly, organic and vegan eyeshadows and no animal testing. I love these mineral eye-shadows and I'm very impressed with the quality as well. They all are so light weight and fine in texture. Spreading beautifully on the lids, the color intensity is great. These shadows are perfect for everyday and are easily amped up for some drama. They apply nicely and evenly, and when used with a primer, you can't tell the difference between them and high end shadows. They pack some serious pigment punch. Just a bit on the brush, give it a tap, and you have a nice wash of color on your eyes. Do it again, and you have a complete full color on your lids. They're really blendable and don't crease. I get compliments on my eye makeup all the time and people are shocked to realize this is what I'm using!. The range of colors is large and wide, they have 20 different shades on shimmer, pearl and matte. There are many beautiful colors in their range so you can get your right color very easily. The size of the containers are a great value, You can create loads of looks with them, I'd say give it a shot.

all spice (shimmer eyes)

I use it during the daytime for a more natural look, but it also works suprisingly well as a highlighter for cheekbones.

spiritual shimmer (shimmer eyes)

This is a beautiful nude color. Slightly shimmery when the light hits it you can see a soft pink nude shimmer.

hipster hippo (pearl eyes)

This is a brown medium color that can be lightly applied for a medium shade or more heavily applied to reach a slightly darker shade. It glides on gracefully. It's great for a smokey eye.

silent current (shimmer eyes)

I wanted a turquoise eyeshadow that was the perfect balance of blue-green, which is very hard to find. My search has finally ended with this, in my opinion, the perfect balance! 

Price $8.99 for each one.

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  1. i never heard about this brand before, i love mineral makeup so i'm going to ckeck this <3

  2. nice review! they sale this makeup online only????

    1. Yes, they only sale their products online, thanks for commented ;)

  3. I like the spiritual shimmer

  4. Never heard of this brand, thanks for sharing!

  5. Super interesting stuffs hun!


  6. Its gret that these arent tested on animals, great review!
    Laura. xx