Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Invincible Gel/Cream Liner in the color Invincible Onyx

I must say It works extremely well, and I can't believe it really does stay on my waterline!!! I knew from reading reviews on it that it was supposed to, but I still couldn't believe that it stayed on even while I  bawled my eyes out! I'm truly amazed! it looks great going on, very black, and very smoooooth. It just glides right on and looks great, and this is coming from a person who is eyeliner-challenged. I'd say this is MUCH easier to apply than pencil or regular liquid liner. and using the brush to apply it doesn't only make it easier, it makes it more fun! you feel like an artist! lol. This came in 5 different shades (Adventurine, Earth, Graphite, Lapis and Onyx)

*Great, smooth consistency. Spreads very easily and smoothly, unlike other brands, which is a bit stiffer.
*Dries fairly quickly, but there are a few seconds during which you can smudge the liner and blend it out for a softer effect.
*Deep, beautiful matte black, not shiny at all, and really brings out my brown eyes and defines my eyes.
*Nice, big pot that will probably last forever!

*Long-wearing ( 6 to 8 hours for me)
*Great texture, easy to work with and wears well.

Price $16

Luscious Lip Shine in the color Sin City

This gloss goes on very easily and one swipe is all you need for a really pigmented, glossy look. The color is wonderful, it's a Very beautiful gentle red with a little bit of shimmerwhich I believe would be universally flattering. The formula is not sticky, it is very smooth, silky and  moisturizer. I like the applicator and packaging, very cute. it's a very friendly pinked-up color that goes so well with smoky bronze eyes. I'm very impressed with the quality. This is a Perfect for the summer, the wear on them is about 4 hrs, which for a lipgloss is excellent! I also adore the very light fruity mint smell. This Lip Gloss came in 10 different shades (Torch, Sin City, Oh Honey, Innocent, Desire, Seduction, Temptress, Halo, Tickled pink and Flirtatious).


*Very pigmented.
*Hypoallergenic, Paraben free.
*Contains antioxidant oils and vitamin C and E
*Beautiful color.
*Great variety to choose from.
*Light scent.
*Not sticky at all.

Price $16


It really is a thick, rich, glossy, volumizing mascara. The brush is the perfect size and reaches even the tiny lashes in the corners of my eyes and the lower lashes. unlike most of the new volumizing mascara with the giant plastic bristled brushes, this mascara comes with a tradional bristle brush that is long and tapered. Another huge plus is that it really separates the lashes.The only way I could ever get this effect is to use multiple mascaras with a primer. This stuff goes on smoothly, and didn't clump even after 4 coats (I only need a couple of swipes for each lash area). It comes off real nice and pretty easy with regular cold cream or mascara remover.

*Jet Black
*Seriously lengthening. I have extremely stubby lashes and this mascara doubles the length of them.
*Doesn't smudge on me throughout the day, 
even though it's not waterproof.

*Holds a curl well. I usually end up recurling my lashes after about 6 hours of wearing this.

Price $14.45

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  2. I like the eyeliner. you did a really great wing eye look. following your blog. check mine out.