Monday, April 8, 2013


I don't usually go for glittery (sparkle yes, glitter no) eyeshadows, but I was looking for a plum shadow and spotted Plum Galaxy. It was too pretty in its packaging, but  I was so disappointed in this shadow. I was expecting pretty plum color with a nice shimmer. There is very little pigmentation to the plum color, and what little color you do see isn't especially pretty or purple-y. Mostly what you see is a glitter bomb, it was a brownish/purplish color. I tried layering it with purple shadows to cut the brown effect, but it didn't help much. It doesn't matter anyway because the glitter is just soo messy! The fallout is so bad with this! It gets all over my face. I tried using it wet to see if that would help but that didn't happen, Too bad that doesn't translate once you put it on. They blend just alright, not like butter, the powder consistency is grainy and doesn't stay put well, even with an eyeshadow primer and for that I would not repurchase.

PRICE $ 5.49

Let me know if you have tried this eyeshadow. Thanks ^_^