Monday, April 29, 2013



This is a month makeup subscription box from starlooks cosmetics. This box came with 3 or 4 FULL SIZE PRODUCT for $15. I think the value for this box is excellent because the cost of all product will be much higher along, other plus is that if you love one product or all, you can always come back to starlooks site and buy the product individually in different colors, also you can purchase past month's starboxes or send them as a gift. Plus for every dollar your spend in the starlooks site you can get points for free products.

In my Starbox this month I received


I really prefer a more dramatic lash for everyday, and this is one product I must use to get that look. I curl my lashes, then apply one coat of this primer, followed by my usual Lash mascara. I build up the mascara. This primer helps to lengthen and thicken my lashes, it really makes a difference on application of your mascara, and it protects your eyelashes from falling eyelashes, I really love how this noticeably extends the tips of my lashes. I also like to wiggle it in the base of my lashes to make them fuller looking.

                         1) without primer but with one coat of Mascara
                         2) with primer and one coat of mascara
                         3) with primer and second coat of mascara

Retail Prize $15


This is a mix of lipstick and lipgloss. It's a beautiful true Nude Pink with quite a bit of life to it. This color will be extremely flattering on any skin tone. If you have light lips and want that "Nude Lip/Smokey Eye", or even if you just want a totally natural look. The versatility of the color is great, It can brighten up my whole face and give me the classic pink lip, even with my pigmented lips. This lipstick has no shimmer, but it has a shine, which I love. It's also really moisturizing, which is really important since I have dry lips. The pigmentation and creaminess is also really nice and doesn't feel heavy or dry at all. It lasts for a really long time, and fades really evenly. Even if I have flaky lips, this doesn't accentuate the flakiness, which is another plus. This came in 24 different colors.
smell/taste: zero, zip, nada! lovely and non-offensive!

Retail Prize $11


I have tried another mineral loose powders, and it gave me pimples all over my face within 3 days, I wanted a good quality loose powder, to help with mattify my look, setting my makeup. I use this powder every day to set my makeup and I think it's absolutely brilliant, since I apply the powder mainly on my t-zone and under-eye area, it does a good job of brightening my face. I really like the finish. The powder is very finely milled. It is very slight, almost non-existent. This mineralize Loose powder came in 6 different shades.

Retail Prize $19


With this Lip Balm my lips look and feel a lot softer at the end of the day than I have noticed with other lip balms. The mint is noticeable but not in a stinging or you just spilled mint schnaaps all over yourself kind of way. Because is not tinted I use it more frequently, and I find it gives my lips a nice shine. I really love that it doesn't have the funky taste so many spf balms have. The scent is only noticeable during application and quickly fades after a few minutes or so. I'd say that this has average staying power but after it does wear off, it definitely leaves behind soft, beautiful lips with no yucky residue at all! Plus application is a breeze so I don't mind reapplying every couple of hours.

                                                   Retail Prize $5

This April starbox is worth nearly $50, awesome!

If you are interested in subscribing, enter where it says "how did you hear about Starlooks?" Please let them know I sent you. Thank you ^_^
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 What is your favorite product from Starlooks?

I received this product for review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and sincere opinions.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I had been looking for a pair of shoes like this that would not give me blisters or pinch my feet. The fabric is so soft, that I can wear them all day long and do alot of walking too. They have the perfect amount of arch support, my feet start to ache if I dont have any arch support. These shoes are great and match most every outfit. Really stylish Vittoria blue Womens Slip on with a quilted insole cushioned at the instep and heel, giving great walking comfort, whether at the beach or walking around town. These shoes are very cute and cushy!! They are extremely comfortable. Seems to be true to size as well. Brand new, they were some of the most comfy slip ons I've ever received. No "break in" required. These are  perfect for traveling - easy on/easy off. Well made, I will wear them often this summer.  Just love the quality and particularly I like the way these fit. I have gotten so many compliments on them. 

*The cushioned insole and arch support.
*Excellent quality.
*Good price.
*Cute designs.
*Friendly materials.
*True size.
*Flex and Fold technology 
*Slip on or Lace up option 

Price $25.00

I received this product for review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and sincerely opinions.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Your hips, bum, thighs, knees and calves.

* Increase the metabolic rate during exercise by UP TO 18% vs. a standard garment when Zaggora clothing was worn for at least 30 minutes during exercise.
* Be safe during high-intensity aerobic exercise since core body temperature did not exceed acceptable, exercise-induce elevations.


* Thinner, lighter and more flexible than the originals.
* Reinforced taped back rise seam.
* Curved seams contour your figure along your natural curves and have fantastic slimming effect.


* Curved flat-lock seams follow and flatter your body's curves.
* Light, flexible compression fit supports your body and creates a smooth silhouette.

The Zaggora Hot Line of products has been extensively tested in both the US and UK for effectiveness and safety.

  1). Outside
2). Inside


I took the ZAGGORA 2 weeks Challenge. I want to note that After and Before I used these pants I was going to the gym the same amount of time which is three days a week for 60 min and I didn't change my diet or anything so I can see the real results. These pants are flattering, and even though they fit tightly, they didn't make me look bulky. The big question in my mind was whether they would make a difference in my workout, and I'm delighted to say they did. The fabric inside the pants intensified my exercise, by working with my natural body heat so the more activity the better. These pants will make you look FABULOUS & give you so much confidence when working out at the gym/in public. They are a little thicker than your average yoga pant so you sweat more - but it's okay because A) you are supposed to be working up a sweat, and B) no one will see you sweat in these. You will not have any embarrassing sweat marks drawing unwanted attraction to your crotch/butt area like with some other yoga pants, and another pro is that I notice that they have really improved the appearance of cellulite which is great. These pants are pretty cute for workout attire and they fit like a glove, When I run/walk on the treadmill, I almost always feel "the burn" in my hips and legs first and typically about 7 minutes in. These are breatheable and stretchy and just about the most comfortable workout pant I've ever owned, not to mention they hold everything in place and make you look your know, for those that are judgemental at the gym. I definitely recommend these! On this challenge I lost with these pants 5 extra pounds already and 2.5 centimeters on my hips, legs and abs zone so I am very happy with the results.

1). Before
2). After 2 weeks using Zaggora Hot Pants

NOTE: Remember there are no miracles when we want to lose weight,  you need to combine exercise and a good diet to see the results.


I received this product for review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and sincerely opinions.

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Monday, April 15, 2013


This is a very practical, mini palette. This contains coverup concealer, tinted lip balm, shine erase powder, black eyeliner, a mirror, and 2 brushes ( one powder brush, double ended brush with a slanted eyeliner mini brush tip, and sponge applicator for eyeshadow). The bottom level is magnetic to hold your own eyeshadow, bronzer, blush or whatever else we need. This is for me the perfect customizable palette for on the go and traveling. I own a ton of panned  eyeshadows and this palette will allow me to travel with a few of my favorite ones to create the desire look. I am just in love with this pallet is just so cute and perfect size, this will fit for sure on any purse or clutch and is just a must have for every girl.

My oily skin stays completely dry ALL DAY. It is great at diffusing as well, but the primary reason I like it is for the oil absorbing and matte qualities. I truly like this product, even if i'm not wearing makeup, i'll wear this to absorb my oil and the best part without breakout .


This work very well covered the little imperfections on my face or just for a makeup retouch. I always use for my very dark circles and other big imperfections a tackier thicker more full coverage concealer, but will work great for the daily on the go, It's very creamy and blendable, and lasts well throughout the day.


I used the eyeliner brush that came with this palette and dipped it in water then dipped it in the eyeliner powder and applied it to my eyes, it gave me a perfect liquid liner finish and didn't smudge for a long time (5 to 7 hours). I love how one product can be used in so many ways. I can use it without water for a smoky eyed look or I can add water and have a liquid liner look. You can get the line as fine or wide as you want.

This is a very nice red that goes on slightly lighter and feels nice and very creamy on. I am a lip balm/gloss junkie and this actually left me with lots of color and moisture. I think this color will work for everyone! This is perfect when I don't want to look like I am using too much lip product so this is great! Good pigmentation and lasting quality.

         1) Black Eyeliner.
                  2) Coverup Concealer.
3) Lip Blam.

*Travel size.
*Cute design.
*Excellent quality.
*long lasting.
*Very pigmented.
*Good price for the versatile of this palette.
*Fragrance free.
*No parabens.
*Cruelty free.

About the same size as a credit card but thicker 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.75


Price $ 16.50

Let me know what you think ^_^

I received this products for a review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and sincerely opinions.

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Monday, April 8, 2013


I don't usually go for glittery (sparkle yes, glitter no) eyeshadows, but I was looking for a plum shadow and spotted Plum Galaxy. It was too pretty in its packaging, but  I was so disappointed in this shadow. I was expecting pretty plum color with a nice shimmer. There is very little pigmentation to the plum color, and what little color you do see isn't especially pretty or purple-y. Mostly what you see is a glitter bomb, it was a brownish/purplish color. I tried layering it with purple shadows to cut the brown effect, but it didn't help much. It doesn't matter anyway because the glitter is just soo messy! The fallout is so bad with this! It gets all over my face. I tried using it wet to see if that would help but that didn't happen, Too bad that doesn't translate once you put it on. They blend just alright, not like butter, the powder consistency is grainy and doesn't stay put well, even with an eyeshadow primer and for that I would not repurchase.

PRICE $ 5.49

Let me know if you have tried this eyeshadow. Thanks ^_^

Wednesday, April 3, 2013



I have this on 02 Purple Berries. This lip balm has a very gentle texture, very moisturizing and pampering thanks to its premium castor oil ingredients. The highlight: a refreshing and natural look with their subtle color-dispersion. the scent was very nice, and it gave a nice sheen and naturally glossy look to my lips.

 I really like this lip balm. let me tell you why:
*Packaging: cute colours, convenient, pocket friendly
*Application: easy and smooth,  it seems to melt onto my lips as I put it on, so my lips just feel all glossy and plump.
*Smell: very light fruity, this lip balm smell amazing.
*Feel: not greasy, moisturizing, the texture is satiny smooth, but not oily like some other lip  balms, it makes me look like I'm wearing a nice clear lip gloss.
*Taste: doesn't taste like anything so I'm not tempted to constantly lick my lips and "eat" all the product away.

Available in four beautiful, trendy colors ( Fruit crush, Purple berries, fruitylicious and  caribbean sunrise ). 

PRICE $1.99


This are super cute and lovely  designs. Glam it French! These NEW nail stickers create a cool look with their trendy images to ensure absolutely eye-catching nails! They do peel off easily you have to use at least one top coat if using on nails. Will be great for any age to add to nails/toe nails for that wow factor. Will go great with a lager number of different nail colors. This is the perfect final touch for your nails :)

contains 27 stickers

PRICE $1.99


These are a great inventionPractical little helpers for the perfect French manicure look! Simply stick onto tips of your nails and cover with nail polish. These guides are slightly thicker which made applying them super easy and when it came time to pull them off it didn't lift the polish. The stickers adhered really well to the nail, so polish did not seep through messing up a perfect line. There are 30 guides in this package.

I apply a base coat, let it dry for a few minutes, then stick on the french tip guides. They stick onto the nail very well and prevent your tip color from seeping underneath the guide. They are very easy to remove and do not leave adhesive residue; just pull from one end.

PRICE $0.99

I received this products for a review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and sincerely opinions.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013



I have the color 09 Irresistible Chocolates and These are perfect for my brown eyes. The colors in this palette are matched perfectly, when used together they give a soft, shimmery 3D effect that subtly enhances the eyes. The powder is very soft and blendable and I wasn't really expecting this to be that pigmented. I actually only needed to do 2 layers of color to get the look I wantI was surprised that the colors go on pretty well instead of being sheer. I've been using the lighter brown on my lid and the dark brown in the crease and sometimes as eyeliner. The colors are so pretty and natural for daytime when used dry. The texture is really nice and I love how they have a shimmer without being overly sparkly. You turn up the drama when these are wet, the color just pop up so gorgeous, but the colors don't make it too over the top. I think these are great coordinating colors that would work well for most eye colors. The texture is so smooth and fine and it's a joy to apply. I been using this over 1 week & it does last from 9 am - 9pm for me. This  Six duo eyeshadows came in the colors ( Irresistible chocolate, Irresistible purrple, Irresistible first love, Irresistible caramel cream, Irresistible mermaid kiss and  Irresistible smoky eye ). each with two perfectly aligned shades

Note : I used this eyeshadow without primer

The numbers 1 and 2 are with the wet shadow

My look of the day with this eyeshadows step by step

 price $3.49


I have this on black color, this mascara performs really really well. I've been floundering trying to find something that gave me volume and held curl. My lashes are very straight. I tried three different high-end mascaras just to watch the curl fall out before I even finished my makeup. This one goes on nicely, does not clump, gives me great-looking lashes and doesn't come off at all. It Holds curl amazingly well. It makes my lashes look defined, really long and just beautiful, adding the Thickens and Lengthens that I needIt does not budge for 24hr.

With zero mascara, one coat up and one coat down

PRICE $ 4.99


I have it in 02 Stunning Brown shade and it has such a nice deep, rich colour. Its soft and creamy too so no tugging while putting it on. It doesn't smudge, lasts really long,  shade with an excellent staying power (couple of times I went to sleep without removing my liner - that was the only makeup I was wearing- it still looked lovely the next day. It had just faded and smudged a little bit!). Great staying power. I also use this in my water line and lasts for ever. It seriously lasts all day and it is totally waterproof, which is why you have to use a good eye makeup remover to take it off (16 or 17 hours ) no smudging or fading and without irritating my sensitive eyes. It was very easy to work with. The pigment is good for blending if you need to apply eye shadow over it. I didn't use primer.
Available in three STAYS no matter what colors. ( Midnight Black, Stunning Brown and Smokey Grey). 

PRICE $1.99


I have the color 04 Already Midnight Packaging is super girly and very cute. The colours are absolutely superb. Not just the quality and staying power but also very blendable and simply put all colours just looks amazing, this will fit into even the tiniest party clutch, so it'd be easy to travel with. This palette has a various finishing effects create expressive "night-on-the-town". The variety of "deep Grays" colors make it easier to create variety of Smokey-eye makeup. The color last long and did not smudge easily. The colors are very pigmented. The eyeshadows become exactly like they look in the palette. This has become my primary nighttime-look product, it has exactly what you need for an amazing smokey eye. Very rock n roll look. The shadows are so soft, it takes no effort to blend. Available in two color palettes (Dance-til-dawn and already midnight) with an optimized brush and sponge applicator. 

PRICE $4.49

I received this products for a review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and sincerely opinions.

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