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Grape Seed Foaming Face Polish Nutra-Lift

This is a very effective foaming face polish I also use this for my neck too this remove all the dirt, pollution and makeup residues without drying my skin Its a very good deep cleanser at the same time, and it even tightens the skin, I've got combination/oily skin with moderate breakouts now and then, but ever since I started using this, I'm not oily or having breakouts. (a small pimple may come, but it really is a huge difference) My skin feels softer, my pores appear smaller, my skin is almost not oily anymore and the best of all this prevents me from getting breakouts. The scrubs are very effective. I like how this particular scrub has a lather so it's easy to move around on the skin. This product has a citrus smell. I use it about twice a week. I truly recommend this product.


*Natural Dermabrasion
*Muscadines Grape
*Natural volcanic pumice
*Moisturizer and Deep cleaner
*Anti-aging spa treatment 
*My pores appear smaller.
*softer Skin
*Minimizer my breakouts.


Product Directions

Price $22.00 4 oz Jar

Herbal Nonsoap Face Cleanser 

I think this a organic nonsoap cleanser is the perfect product for daily use, all type of skin's or sensitive skin because is very gentle organic product .I have always had combination skin and I want to try this because I place natural products on top priority. Well, I was too pleased with this product. I did notice a softer feel to my skin and this cleanser does a great job of removing my eye makeup . My Skin feels really clean & fresh after using. Smells great too!. love to use this one in the shower for face/neck. it's refreshing and extremely cleansing, prepares skin very well for any skin care products (day or night time). This is for sure a great natural product with organic ingredients and I will probably continue to use.


Product Directions

As with any new skin product, skin test on inner arm 24 hours before use. Apply 1-2 squirts per cleansing. Allow to set on face about 30 seconds and lather. Rinse completely with water. Repeat cleansing.

Price $16.00 4oz 

Maximum C Plus Serum 

I am on my 1 first week of using this serum and have noticed a difference in my skin texture. The first thing you notice is how smoothly  the product applies. It is also so much lighter, firm and repair  than some other products that advertise moisture help.This comes in a very hygienic and easy to use bottle.  This serum perked up the sag after just one use and continued to provide a tighter appearance to my face, brow and jaw area day after day. Friends have begun to notice that something is different and that I look fresher and more youthful. I love the feel of the serum, it is not greasy. Really smooth out the skin and hydrates.

Product Direction and Ingredients

Price $34.00 1 oz Pump Bottle

Rejuvenating A Nano Reneu The 24 KT Gold (Standar in a Skin Care)

This is a ultra powerful serum with peptide -8 complex plus Nanoconjugated Gold Particles for remarkable collagen growth. I use this on my face and neck. I liked the fact that its natural and effective. Gets absorbed immediately, This product simply disappeared into my skin. There is a very nice citrus scent and a slightly tinted color. It makes my face velvety and not oily, nor residuals but super moisturized. I was pleased with how smooth and radiant my skin looked. I enjoy using it. I apply this after cleansing and then apply a very light weight moisturizing lotion. 

Product Directions

Wash face with herbal Non-soap cleanser and clean wash cloth. Rinse thoroughly. Apply 1 to 2 timer per day as needed to face and neck area. Can be used with other Nutra-Lift products. A slight flush/tingling sensation is a normal reaction to the use of this product is highly concentrate we RECOMMEND for people with sensitive skin, to apply on slightly WET face.


Price $46.00 2 oz Pump Bottle

I received this products for a review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and sincerely opinions.

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  1. Very thorough and informative review, which I needed since I'm interested and researching for the serums!

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  3. Thanks for the great information, please keep us posted on how the products do for you in the long run.

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