Thursday, March 28, 2013


had high hopes for this, from hearing others who liked this. I bought the blackest black, which wasn't as pigmented as it sounds, you would need to build on the color. It is a soft gel-like liner allowing for a very smooth, easy application. Because of this, it shouldn't dry out as easy as some of the other gel liners out on the market. Since it is soft in texture, it allows me time to work with it more, before it dries, however, the softness of it, also means that it will transfer or move, if you have oily lids, and/or under heat . It is definitely not 24 hrs of wear as advertised. The problem was that it never dried. I was touching it every now and then realizing that it hadn't dried. I waited for 30 minutes and it still wasn't dried. I left it on and forgot to check on it until after few hours I looked at the mirror and scared myself. There was another line on my upper lid. The whole line had transfered there as well. It was a complete mess. I used a primer, so lack of primer wasn't the reason this liner didn't work for me. I tried it again later and same thing happened. I don't know how long it takes to dry, but I don't have time to wait for an eyeliner to dry for an hour or more. I noticed some transfer (movement again). 


* Easy to apply because it is soft/smooth. 
* Decent brush, flat tapered head, made to draw a wider line than I would like but can use the tip to draw a finer line.


* Color is diffused and needs to be build upon to achieve impact
* It doesn't wear as long as it says, just too soft of a product, esp if you have oily lids, in a heated room, or under any condition that will soften the gel. 
* Never dried for me.
* Clumpy.
* Smudges or runs.
* Fades throughout the day.

Price $7.94

Let me know if you have tried this product and if it works for you. Thanks for read ^_^


  1. Thank you so much for this review!! I've been using the Maybelline gel eyeliner for while now and it won't stay even for a few hours and now I know it's not just me haha!! I think I'm gonna try the Walgreens one...

  2. I've been using the Maybellin liner for a few months now. i'e been loving it. however, instead of just putting it on alone, I put on the Revlon Colorstay black pencil liner and then layer the eggplant or blue (the 2 maybelline gel colors i bought) over that and add small wings on the end. that A) makes the color a more subdued, formal color that doesn't make me look like a clown for hving colored liner and B) makes it last extremely long. like all day wear

    1. Wow this is interesting! Thanks for sharing!!