Friday, March 15, 2013


This false nails are inspired by the styles Kimmie creates for her long list of celeb clients; you can get a taste of celebrity glamour by wearing her incredible designs. Adhesive tabs are a fantastic way to secure the nails for instant results that last up to 7 days. No glue is required, they simply press on to your nail-easy. They come in 4 different styles (Red Glitter, Green Glitter, Pink Glitter and Pink Polka Dot). I have the Pink Glitter . This nails looks gorgeous and come in very trendy and original styles, I was skeptical to the adhesive strips and I want to use my own nail glue but after giving it a chance I am glad I did. These do NOT move.  They have an oval shaped tip Which i like. They don't break as easy as other nails because they are a lot thinner. They're just very unique and super cute!. Just Make sure not to put your hands in water for the first 30 min. I am very happy with the results and gave gotten many compliments from them. I want the Pink Polka Dot so I will update this post with photos so you can see it and tell me which one you like more ;) 

* Easy to apply.
* Attractive.
* Realistic Looking.
* Gorgeous.
* Very Trendy Styles.
* No fuss.
* No Polish.
* No wait. They are an out the door, instant manicure.

You can see how Beautiful this nails look 


Price $8.49

I received this products for a review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and sincerely opinions.

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  1. wow so pretty!!! i luv this color

  2. this nails are perfect for party this night ;) where store can i find this?

  3. you can buy this in Ulta store, Thanks for your comment :)

  4. i bought this on green but this pink ones looks more prettier :(

  5. These are beautiful!!! I saw these in Ulta today. How do they compare to Kiss nails?

    1. for me these are great because have a very fashion style, Thanks for comment ^_^