Wednesday, March 13, 2013


If you're a fan of glamourous and pretty nails like me and you're partial to a French Manicure but can't be doing with all the fuss of DIY or splashing out on regular trip to the salon, this kit is for you.

I've always a been a fan of the elegant French Manicure, but I've had many failed DIY attempts and gel or acrylics manicures are costly and a pain to remove (as well as damaging.) This kit has solved all these problems. No smudges or wobbly lines - just French Manicure perfection by adhering white tips to your natural nail! Plus, they're easily removable with acetone based nail polish remover.

They are available on 3 lengths, short, medium and long. The whole process took less than ten minutes and I couldn't stop admiring my super fast manicure afterwards. The cleverly designed tabs mean this kit is so simple to use, and allows for accurate placement of the tips. As the base and top coat are clear and I wanted the traditional pink and white mani, I applied a coat of Bourjois Rose Lounge after the base coat which gave the perfect finish.

I selected the 'Medium' length and this size was perfect for the length of my nails. I've now been wearing these for 6 days and they look as perfect as when I applied them. Overall, I've been really impressed with this kit and absolutely love how my nails turned out. I truly recommend it if you're a fan of the French and easy Manicure.

*Promotes healthy nail growth 
*Perfect white tip.
*Simple application.
*Fast drying.
*Easy removal.
*My nails looks very glamourous.

This Kit Contains

*56 nail tips (Medium size) This is enough for 4 applications.
*Nail glue.
*Base seal.
*Top seal.
*White buffer.
*Instruction leaflet.

Kit Price $14.99

I received this products for a review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my thoughts and sincerely opinions.

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  1. this is so simple! i'm definitely going to try this out! thanks so much for the review!! i hope that you will post more about nails when you have the chance! :D

  2. I will sweet, thanks for your comment ^_^

  3. so cool
    I didn't know you could do this!