Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lancome Definicils Mascara

I got this mascara as a free sample from Lancome when you spend over a certain amount. After having used a sample of this I bought the full-size product and I really like it. This mascara is a really good one. An absolute staple for anyone that wants a classic look. This mascara lasts and lasts, and looks great without being clumpy or tacky. I’m sure, just like hair, the texture of eyelashes varies from person to person and I believe that accounts for the many different results from this mascara. My lashes are nearly invisible without mascara and are very light and fine. But with this mascara, I have discovered lashes I didn’t even know I had! Even though it is not meant to be volumizing, it gives me that effect because of the beautiful definition so you can see each and every one of my lashes. It also lengthens very well so now I look like I have tons of fluffy, long lashes!

Pros:1. It is incredibly easy to apply. It distributes from the base to the tip of my lashes with barely any effort on my part.2. It is wet enough for great color transfer, but not so wet as to make a mess and smudge. 
3. I didn’t find it to be clumpy at all. I always use a metal eyelash comb just to make sure my lashes come out as perfect as possible, but I think this is the only mascara I have tried that I could have gotten away without it.4. The lengthening is superb! I really never knew how much lengthening a mascara could do until I tried this.5. It preserved my curl all day long. it didn’t flake or smudge.6. I felt that it was weightless and I had to check to see if my mascara was still on (and it was)!7. I chose the black/noir and the color is incredible.8. It is very easy to remove, comes right off with my Olay Foaming Face Wash For Sensitive Skin. 9. The product is more important to me than the packaging, but I must comment that this tube is very elegant.

Cons:1. The price, it is expensive (but so worth it)! I wouldn’t really want to, but I would spend more if I had to for the results I have gotten.I do believe application is the key to success with any mascara. What I do with this one (and have tried with others to no avail) is to apply 2 or 3 coats over the base while combing through the lashes as I go along. Then I let it dry and apply one very light coat (mainly to the tips) and don’t comb it. The end result is spectacular!

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  1. Where can i buy this?

  2. you can buy it on lancome's website and department stores. i've also seen their products at sephora. =) thanks for comment

  3. I've never tried Lancome mascara before so I think I'll try it. I usually use Maybelline volume express colossal washable, which comes right off when I wash my face. Thanks for the review