Friday, January 11, 2013

Clinique Butter Shine Pink a-boo Review

This is a very pretty pink color with subtle gold shimmer. It's not super sheer so it shows up well on fairly pigmented lips. It's a great shade for spring and summer; it looks young and fresh. If you look great in pinks, women of all ages would probably like this shade. Love the moisturizing formula of the Butter Shines. If you're looking for something in between a gloss and a lipstick in a true, medium-toned pink, you might like Pink-a-boo Butter Shine .

Pros: The color is beautiful. This is such a pretty, perfect, neutral shade. It's pinky, but not PINK. It's mauvey, but not MAUVE. it's just a nice rosy, pink but kind of warm color. 
It looks great with my coloring. I have medium/dark brown hair, fair skin with slight yellow undertones. It's not too bright, dark or pale.It goes on sooo smoothly, the butter in the name says it all.It feels nice. Not sticky, gloppy, or dry.It's got a nice shine to it, but not TOO much shine.It doesn't dry my lips out.It doesn't have a funky smell or taste.

Cons:It is almost too soft, sometimes little chunks end up staying on my lips. And it melts much more easily than any other lipstick I have tried.
It doesn't stay on very long. I have to reapply it very often. Which leads to.A tube doesn't last very long.
I think it lasted at most 2 hours on my lips.

I bought this for $15.00

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  1. I wish it last longer. i love this color is so girly

  2. Honestly, I believe it, I see that happening to mine too. :/ They are amazing, but they are super soft... 

  3. I Love the color....I am going to get one of this...beautiful

  4. I have one of those lipsticks. And i love it. Although it has melted.

  5. Very good review, I got it in DeLovely, a great nude

  6. I just bought one in Ambrosia today and its the most gorgeous orange color with a golden sheen. Would look great for anyone looking for warm tones. It does seem to run off easily when you want to eat or drink something - more like a lip balm but its super moisturising and I like the idea that they are unscented