Thursday, December 6, 2012


I tried the other flavors from Red Vine but never purple grape and I am in love. These  taste so good, original flavors always. My personal opinion is Red Vines taste more better that Twizzlers because is so flavored and have a great texture. I can eat them everyday all day without any problems. Delicious snack with CERO fat could ask for anything else? :) They’re a great candy option especially for mindless eating during the summer at the movies. Because they’re wheat based they’re rather low in calories. They don't have a pinch of fat in there (0 gram per serving). There are about 38 calories per twists. I've tried lots of fat free candy...but...there is nothing like two pieces of tasty purple grape to satisfy that "need just a little something" feeling!!! Stick to a serving. My all family love these.

Corn syrup, wheat flour, citric acid, artificial flavor, red 3, blue 1.

Allergen Information: Contains Wheat

I received this product courtesy of RedVines Company. but I give all my own thoughts and sincerely opinions 

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  1. The Grape have been around for a long time But I found out about the cherry about 3 months ago. both are so yummy :)

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  3. I never hear about this company before, but looks great!!!

  4. i love healthy candy's :P

  5. I like the vine licorice. could eat 'em all day :)...never tried grape though...sounds good!

  6. waaaaaah, i went to walgreens and rite-aid, and found nada. i’ve been craving these things ever since you put the review up, and i’ve never even had them before! i’ll keep on looking, hopefully i find them soon :(

  7. I went to to see what flavors they had available(they do make certain flavors on a limited basis and retire them for a while, like Disney does with its dvd’s) and even though they had a picture of Grapevines, it was not on the production list. They had red, black, cherry vines, and pink strawberry vines. There is even a link on where you can buy these flavors online if you can’t find them in stores, which I guess is what I will have to do as no retailers around here carry anything other than red and black. not sure if you can buy by single packs or bags though, looked more like bulk(cases). Happy Vining Y’all!