Monday, November 19, 2012


Black Friday shopping is to get the best deals you can on the items you really want. Often though not always electronics items are at their lowest prices of the year on Black Friday, and it’s easy to get caught up in the shopping frenzy and spend more than you you really want to. So here’s a list of Black Friday shopping tips that should help ensure you get not only the best deals, but also some peace of mind once you bring the item home.

1.) Don't go alone
Going alone on a Black Friday shopping trip is just asking for disappointment. There is no way to cover as many stores as you'd like to cover, and even just one store could end up being a huge task.
This is also more so just for help and safety. Many stores are open late at night and into the wee morning hours so it doesn't hurt to have someone along for the ride. 
2.) Study the ads before heading out, and bring them with you
With so many stores opening early this year and even on Thanksgiving Day, it is important to know where you want to go. Numerous retailers are also price-matching this year which makes for easier shopping and not as much running around. That way, you may find something not on sale at Walmart or Best Buy but available there and now on sale thanks to your price-matching.
3.) Take advantage of the ticketed system

There are a lot of stores now that use a numbered system for the big-ticket items. Huge pieces of merchandise such as appliances, televisions, Blu-ray players, and more will have tickets handed out for them and allow you to get in line and guaranteed a spot.

4.) Divide and conquer

As you may notice, all of these steps go hand-in-hand together. If you bring a friend with you, then you can divide and conquer even the biggest Black Friday sales. Should you stand in line for the big-ticket items, then your friend can head out and pick out all of the smaller items that are just available throughout the store. Double and triple your coverage by bringing as many friends as you can.
5.) Organize your photos, gift ideas, and holiday checklists 

Evernote, the list-making app, will help you do so much more than simply write items down this holiday season. Evernote allows you to clip products and prices from the Internet when you're comparison-shopping, snapping a photo, scanning in paper lists, and more.

6.) Make A List, Check It Twice

 When you stumble into a department store and see racks and racks of clothing, it's hard to figure out where to start. If you've made a list ahead of time of the items you're after, you'll know which direction to go as soon as you walk through the door.

7.) The Early Bird Gets The Worm 

If you want the best deals and the most selection, get up early. You can handle it, Black Friday is only once a year.

8.) Fluids, Fluids, Fluids

 Make sure you bring a bottle of water with you and a few light snacks. Hours on your feet, pushing your way through crowds can leave you exhausted and dehydrated -- and no one wants to be the person who fainted in the shoe aisle lol.

9.) Use Your Smartphone or Tablet 

For the first time, Macy's, through a partnership with eBay, has a Black Friday app that will let customers browse and shop for specials specific to the local store. Starting Nov. 15, customers will be able to view Black Friday specials on their mobile devices and create personal shopping lists they can edit and share.

10.) Check the return policy. 

Before you purchase, ask what the store's return policy is on Black Friday deals. It might be different than the store's policy the rest of the year, and you don't want to be stuck with an item you paid big bucks for and no longer want.

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