Friday, November 2, 2012

Love & Beauty lip gloss by forever 21 Review

One of my favorites stores is Forever 21 if you go to this store may have noticed they’ve recently released their own line of inexpensive beauty products. I decide to give a try to the LOVE AND BEAUTY Lips Glosses. This product is amazing! I was so surprised. I got seashell pink, bubble gum and the coral pink Much brighter in front of you. When I first bought this product I was expecting stickiness and low quality, but was I wrong. It smells amazingly like cotton candy. The formulation is sheer which is great if you want to layer it on top of your favorite lipstick shade. It wasn’t too glittery and best of all it’s not sticky or tacky!  There’s also a minty flavore to it which is refreshing.I really like it and for all of you buying Mac, Nars, and other expensive brands, try theseI’m planning to pick up a couple more of their lip glosses for birthdays and stocking stuffers for this holiday season. If you want to try the new Love & Beauty cosmetics line I do recommended :)

Price: ONLY $1.80 Excellent price


- Not sticky
- Creamy
- Moisturizing
- Pleasant scent

-Adds shine
  • -Easy to apply
  • -Goes on smoothly
  • -Good Value
  • -High quality
  • -Smells Great
  • -Well built quality.


  1. I have the mint one and is great i love it

  2. thanks i follow you tips and now these are one of my favorites for a very low price, very helpful reviews